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A Band. A Whiskey. A Blackout

For the inagural blog post let's cover something that you may or may not already know about WheelHouse. We own a whiskey company.....called WheelHouse Whiskey. It really rolls off the tongue.

Distilled by our good friends at Yahara Bay Distillery the first bottles were made available in January 2014 and currently we are distributed throughout southern and western Wisconsin. WheelHouse Whiskey is a two year aged, four grain, blended whiskey. It has a bite, yet finishes uncommonly smooth. Notes of vanilla and honey are detected in its finish, and the kids just love it.

It works as a great cross promotional for us. The band promotes the whiskey and the whiskey promotes the band. Across the base of the label is the word "Professional". That's how we look at our whiskey. It's not a gimmick, an expiriment, or limited edition. It's a full-time whiskey for a full-time band. When you play as much as we do one needs a whiskey that goes down smooth. One needs a professional whiskey and WheelHouse is exactly that. Check out for more info.

As for the blackout....we wouldn't know anything about that. We're professionals.

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