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Madison Area Music Awards

Well, it's been awhile, but we're blogging. We are very happy to announce that we've been nominated for 8 Madison Area Music Awards! The MAMAs are a fundraising awards program with the goal of keeping music and musical instruments in our schools. Awards are given purly on the number of votes and artist can generate. We like to think, "how much money can we raise for school music?" We'd like to think we have a pretty robust fan base which means we can raise a significant ammount of money! Prove us right!

School music programs have affected all four of us. Our parents were involved in every aspect of the music expirence from enjoying to performing to promoting and teaching. If we didn't have school music when we were growing up we very well might not have been playing together in WheelHouse...or any band for that matter. We could go on and on about how important music is for kids but we'll just leave this educational link for you. See, with WheelHouse you learn more than just fun facts about whiskey!

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